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Urgent Visa Dubai online Options – 2024

Have you found yourself on this page, urgently searching for assistance in obtaining an express Dubai visa within just 1 hour for immediate travel to Dubai? Whether it’s for a friend or family member in urgent need, important work or property matters requiring immediate attention, or a spontaneous decision to take a short trip to Dubai, don’t worry! Take a seat, relax, and focus on what’s important to you. At Express Dubai Visa, our team will handle your visa processing without the need for an embassy appointment or waiting in long queues.

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Express Dubai Visa: An Overview

All nationalities can apply for an urgent Dubai visa online, anytime of the day! The fees for this visa range from 420 AED to 630 AED. Under the urgent visa category, you can choose from a 7-day visa, 30-day visa, 60-day visa, or multi-entry visa. However, this specific facility is not available to everyone. These are the people who qualify for a fast-track Dubai visa: 

  • Business people
  • Tourists or vacationers
  • Individuals visiting family residing in Dubai
  • People seeking medical treatment
  • Those going on short trips

Express visa Types in Dubai:

When it comes to Dubai visa processing, there are two main types of visas you should be aware of: the Regular Dubai Visa and the Urgent/Express Dubai Visa.

Regular Dubai Visa

The Regular Dubai Visa is the most popular type of visa and it follows the normal application process. It takes longer to process, but it includes a variety of visa options such as tourist, visit, employment, residency, and others.

Urgent Visa Dubai

Urgent/Express Dubai Visa is a faster option that can be approved within 1 hour. However, the applicant still needs to follow certain steps and the processing time is relatively shorter. This type of visa includes urgent and emergency visas.

It’s important to note that the type of visa you choose depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Whether you’re planning a leisurely trip or need to urgently attend to important matters, Dubai has a visa option for you.

Urgent Dubai Visa Online

Fees For Urgent Visa Dubai

Dubai Visa Options Immigration FeesAdmin Fee and TaxesTotal Charges
Express Dubai Visa 30 Days80 $45 $125 $ = AED 479
Dubai Urgent Visa 60 days205 $114 $319 $ = AED 1171
Instant Dubai Visa 30 days Multiple Entry199 $112 $311 $ = AED 1142
Dubai Visa Urgent 60 Days Multiple Entry599$69 $668 $ = AED 2449
Urgent Dubai Visa Extension274 $44 $318 $ = AED 1167

 Fast-Track Your Travel: Apply for Urgent Dubai Visa

To obtain an urgent Dubai visa, there are two ways :

1. Chat with our Team :
– Access our website and click on the “Express Visa in 1 Hour” button.
– Start a chat with our executive.
– Submit the required documents and wait for processing.

2. Contact Us through Apply Now Button:
– Click on the link provided on the homepage.
– Choose your visa type.
– Fill out the application form.
– Upload the necessary documents.
– Make the payment.

If you are still confused about how to apply, simply click on the WhatsApp button located at the top of our website. We are Just one message away.

Requirements for an Urgent Dubai visa

Necessary documentation

Validity of urgent Dubai visa

Important details you should Know Before Applying For A Visa

  • A visa, whether standard or urgent, is mandatory for entering the UAE, even for a single-day trip.
  • For an urgent tourist visa, entry to the UAE is allowed within two months from the visa’s issue date.
  • The visa holder can stay in the country for up to 100 days.
  • Approval from Dubai immigration is not required for obtaining a tourist visa for tourism purposes.
  • Tourism companies need to ensure that their group size does not exceed 100 people and provide guarantees like return air tickets and hotel bookings.
  • It’s important to note that an urgent tourist visa is not valid for work purposes.
  • Foreigners are not allowed to work on a tourist visa.

We hope this information is helpful to you, and we encourage you to plan your trip accordingly.

If you have confirmed your purpose and its application guidelines, feel free to reach out to us and our representative will assist you throughout the entire visa process. Once you have gathered all your necessary documents, there is no need to fret. Simply reach out to us to apply for our services and we will handle everything quickly and efficiently, at affordable rates. We offer personalized services for those looking to avoid the lengthy government office queues. Our fast and cost-effective services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Well it depends, but through our service you can.

Yes, Dubai does accept emergency travel documents. In situations where standard passports are unavailable, individuals can use emergency travel documents to enter Dubai

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