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Are you planning a trip to Dubai with your family and need to apply for a Dubai visa online? Learn about the application process, fees, required documents, and the application form. Let’s collaborate—I’ll guide you through the steps. Before you know it, you’ll be exploring the lively streets of Dubai!

3 Steps to Apply Dubai Express Visa Online

Send your documents

Please email scanned copies of both the front and back pages of your passport, along with a photograph against any background, to [email protected]

Pay Online

Upon receiving an email, you’ll be provided with a payment link. Enter your credit or debit card information to acquire your Dubai tourist visa. For children under 18 eligible for free visas, only the service charge is applicable.

Download your e-visa

Monitor your visa status and receive your Dubai visa via email. Stay updated by reaching out to us on WhatsApp at +971 50 803 8472. to check your status.

Dubai Express Visa Online

Type of Dubai Visa Express

urgent dubai visa

325* AED

350* AED

390* AED

640* AED

740* AED

1240* AED

Why are we best?

  • Essential document requirements.
  • No cash or checks from families, please.
  • Speedy visa just 1 hour
  • Customer support available 24/7 via chat, email, calls, and WhatsApp.

We provide stress-free visa processing for your holiday. Contact our agent to invite friends or relatives to Dubai with minimal handling fees. Expect regular updates from our customer care throughout the application process.

Express Dubai E-Visa

Express Dubai Visa Online 

An express visa means getting your visa quickly without lots of paperwork or waiting in lines. We’re here to provide Dubai express visa online services for tourists heading to the UAE. You can apply for an express tourist visa Dubai through us and get it in just 1-2 hours by applying online. Our team is available 24/7 on WhatsApp, even during government holidays.

Express Dubai Visa Timing

Quick Overview of Dubai Express Visa:

You can get this visa any day, even Fridays and Saturdays.
It allows a stay of 30 or 60 days in Dubai, depending on your application.
As soon as you get your visa copy, you can enter Dubai.
Normally, it takes 2 to 12 hours Through Our services to issue this visa, but visas for kids might take longer.application procedures .

Instant Dubai Visa Status

Dubai Visa Status Check

Checking your UAE visa status online is a straightforward process that ensures you’re updated on your visa’s progress.
Visit the official website of the UAE government’s immigration department.
Look for the section dedicated to checking visa status.
Enter requested information like passport number, visa application number, and personal details.
Submit the form or click the designated button to proceed.
Await the system’s retrieval of your visa application status.
Check for updates on whether the visa is processing, approved, rejected, or if more documents are needed.
Utilize this online platform as a convenient method to track visa progress without physical inquiries.

Express Dubai Visa Prices

Express Dubai Visa OptionsRegular Visa PriceExpress Visa Price
Express Dubai Visa 30 days100  $
367 AED
139 $
509 AED
Express Dubai Visa 60 days239 $
878 AED
299 $
1098 AED
Express Visa Dubai 30 days Multiple entry259 $
949 AED
299 $
1098 AED
Express Visa Dubai 60 days Multiple entry399 $
1465 AED
478 $
1755 AED
Express Tourist visa Extension249 $
915 AED
313 $
1149 AED

Dubai Tourist Visa: Documents, Processing Time, Fees, Security Deposit, Travel Guidelines, and Children’s Policy for Dubai Visas

Renowned for its stunning architecture, lavish lifestyle, and vibrant culture, Dubai stands as a top tourist destination. For your upcoming visit to this iconic city, acquiring a tourist visa is essential. Explore our detailed guide, covering the Dubai tourist visa process, required documents, and travel regulations, including policies related to children.

Documents Required for Dubai Visa Process

Prior to commencing the application, collecting essential documents is vital for a seamless visa process. While the specific documents might differ based on nationality, here’s a general list to guide you:

Read More!

Dubai Visa FAQs

Yes, you can apply for a Dubai visa online through our platform. The online application process offers convenience, allowing you to submit required documents and fees electronically, often facilitating a smoother and faster visa acquisition process compared to traditional methods.

Connect with our visa team, process the online payment, and upload/submit all required documents via the online portal or through email. Monitor the same portal for confirmation of visa approval status.

Eligibility for a Dubai visa varies based on the type of visa sought and the applicant’s nationality. Typically, requirements include a valid passport, completed application form, travel itinerary, proof of accommodation, financial means, health insurance, and meeting the UAE’s immigration criteria. Specific criteria can differ based on visa type and issuing authority.

Contact our visa team via email for a straightforward Dubai visa application. Simply submit your documents. Our process is efficient, saving you from the lengthy and expensive embassy visa procedures.

“Dubai Ok to Board” is a requirement imposed by the UAE immigration authorities for travelers from specific countries. Airlines flying to Dubai from these countries require the “Ok to Board” status on the traveler’s flight PNR (Passenger Name Record). It’s a clearance that the traveler’s visa has been approved and validated before boarding the flight to Dubai.

The time frame for processing a Dubai visa application varies based on the type of visa and the issuing authority. Typically, it’s advisable to apply for a Dubai visa at least 15 to 30 days before your intended travel date to allow ample processing time, ensuring a smooth and timely approval process.

The Dubai Golden Visa is an extended residency visa initiative launched by the UAE government. It offers long-term residency to investors, entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, and exceptional talents in various fields such as science, arts, culture, and sport.

This visa grants extended residency periods ranging from 5 to 10 years, providing visa holders and their families the freedom to live, work, and study in the UAE without the need for a national sponsor.

For most visitors, having a return or onward ticket is typically required to enter Dubai. However, some situations may permit entry with a one-way ticket, such as when planning to exit via other means of transportation (like a car or boat) or if a return ticket isn’t mandatory due to specific visa requirements or residency status. It’s advisable to check the entry requirements and visa regulations beforehand to ensure compliance.

Dubai Visa Options