Dubai 7 days visa

Dubai Visa 7 Days; Tourists desiring a brief visit to Dubai can select the short-term visa. Ideal for business engagements, family reunions, or a swift stay lasting 2-4 days, the 7-day visa accommodates these shorter plans.

Many yearn to visit new destinations globally, a desire hindered without a visa. Securing a visa before international travel is crucial, with specific requirements varying based on your country of residence.

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7 days visit visa Dubai fees 2024

Visa TypeVisa Fees
Duration of stay : 4 days (Transit Visa)445 AED
Duration of stay : 7 days (Tourist Visa)515 AED
Duration of stay :  7 days (Service Visa)545 AED
30 days Extension charges1195 AED
Cancellation Charge145 AED

What’s the process to obtain a 7-day Dubai visa?

Check out the essential documents needed for a 7-day Dubai visa application:

Documents for visitors:

  • Scanned passport copy for visitors, valid for at least 3 months.
  • Passport-sized photos with a neutral background.
  • View comprehensive details of visa fee charges.

Documents from the guarantor:

  • Submit the guarantor’s passport and visa page copies, each with a minimum 3-month validity.
  • A non-mandatory security cheque of AED 2500.

Visa Fees

For child applicants, a submission of AED 325 is required for tourists.

Dubai Visa 7 Days Information

The 7-day visa option serves as the shortest duration for visiting Dubai, catering well to tourists and short business trips. It’s advisable to review the associated fees and necessary documentation required for this specific short-term visa.

Travelers finding themselves in need of a visa while on the go can conveniently apply for one at Dubai International Airport. This short-duration visa is particularly convenient for abrupt stays, like attending weddings, offering both ease of acquisition and cost-effectiveness.

Dubai mandates a visa for entry, except for GCC (Gulf Corporation Council) citizens. Visitors from 32 other countries can obtain a visa upon arrival at Dubai International Airport.

Professionals with prominent roles, such as doctors, chefs, athletes, or celebrities, may qualify for a non-renewable 30-day visa. This shorter duration is tailored for work-related visits, restricting personal extensions due to employer-covered expenses and work commitments.

Standard visas typically extend for 30 days or more. If planning a personal visit with family or friends for a month-long stay in Dubai, beginning with a 30-day visa is recommended. Should there be a desire to prolong the holiday, visa extensions are available to facilitate an extended stay in the city.

Important points to read:

  • The visa duration is extendable for an additional 30 days.
  • Complete the visa application form accurately, avoiding any scratches or corrections.
  • In the absence of a UAE guarantor, you can conveniently provide a security deposit via direct bank transfer, PayPal, or alternative methods in such circumstances.
  • A security cheque, along with passport copies of the applicant and a photograph against a white background, is required.
  • No deposit is required if you’re traveling with your family for the trip.
  • Usually, the UAE visa is issued as a single-entry visa.
  • Visa processing typically takes around four to five days in most cases.
  • Ensure a smooth visa process by refraining from submitting any fraudulent documents.
  • During the visa application process, it’s essential to avoid submitting overly stylized photos, as facial verification is a part of the procedure.

Take care when submitting documents; avoid rushing to prevent errors and starting the process anew. Plan ahead for visa applications, ensuring your documents are prepared. Prepare to make your Dubai visit a dream by having everything in order. Extend your stay by following procedures to prolong your Dubai experience, adding more fun and entertainment.