14 days Dubai visa

14 days Dubai visa

Are you in search of a 14-day Dubai visa? This specific short-term tourist visa grants a two-week stay and boasts competitive prices. Dubai stands as a premier travel hotspot, making this visa an ideal choice for brief visits. The visa is a pivotal document for those planning a trip to this vibrant city. Let’s explore the various options available and understand the step-by-step process required to secure this essential travel document.

express dubai visa

325* AED

dubai visa for 7 days

350* AED

dubai visa for 14 days

390* AED

single entry duabai visa for 14 days

What is 14 days single entry Dubai visa ?

This specific visa option serves as a short-term solution allowing for a single entry during a stay of up to 14 days within Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Notably, it is extendable within the parameters of this 14-day period. The visa’s validity spans 60 days from the date of issuance, providing a window for travelers to plan their visit. It caters specifically to tourists intending to explore the vibrant offerings of Dubai, granting them a single opportunity to enter the country for leisure or travel purposes.

fees of 14 days visa

14 days Dubai visa Fees?

The cost typically ranges at approximately AED 249, equivalent to approximately USD 68. However, these figures might vary based on the source you obtain your VISA from. Numerous travel agencies worldwide extend tempting offers for the 14-day VISA in Dubai. In addition to the government’s 14-day visa fees, additional charges such as administrative fees and taxes apply.

why do you need 14 days visa

Why do you require a 14-day UAE visa?

If you’re considering a brief visit to Dubai, a 2-week visa is essential! This 14-day visa serves tourists and those on short business or leisure trips. It’s also ideal for individuals planning to spend time with family or relatives in Dubai.

processing time

How long does the processing take?

Approval for the visa typically takes about 3 to 5 business days. However, if you’re processing your visa through VFS, it might require additional time.

What documents are needed for the VISA?

  • Completed request form with full details
  • Passport-sized color photo
  • Colored passport copy (Bio Page and last Page), valid for at least 3 months
  • Optional: Copy of original air ticket
  • Optional: Guarantor’s passport copy with UAE residence visa page
  • Some nationalities may require a cash security deposit (e.g., Nigerian or Ghanaian: 1000 AED or $272.5), refundable upon exit

Organize your travel plans and apply for your Dubai visa based on your intended stay duration in the country. Visa fees are contingent on the chosen visa type. Therefore, it’s important to decide before application. Keep in mind that canceling your application might result in a penalty of around 150 AED, so consider your choices carefully.